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Analog Test and Measurement Inc.

The world leader in semiconductor testing solutions

Analog Test and Measurement Inc. is a division of the ATMI Group. ATMI's focus is providing services and solutions to the analog and mixed signal semiconductor components industries.

Our customers include:
» Multinational analog and mixed signal electronic component businesses
» Early stage electronic device and component businesses

We deliver our services through two facilities:
» Contract Development Center - 4,000 sq. ft. development center in San Jose, California, where our team of scientists and engineers support our customers in the electronics industry.
» Contract Manufacturing and Testing Facility - Manufacturing and testing facility in LISP 1, Cabuyao City, Philippines, where we perform contract manufacturing and testing of semiconductor components.


Shipping Notes

a lack of a pre-alert to ATMI or a delay in ATMI receiving this alert will reduce our effectiveness in determining that the customer has a shipping issue and prevents ATMI from taking actions to intervene and apply necessary actions.
this is a common occurrence and does cause ATMI to have to intervene on the shipper's behalf to recover items. When ATMI intervenes on behalf of our customers and collaborators a charge will be sent to the customer via an invoice. In most cases inaccuracies needs to be corrected at the shipper's side and inevitably causes delay due to geographical locations/difference in time-zones.
Items that arrive on a Saturday will not be cleared until the evening, whilst items that arrive in Manila on a Sunday will not be cleared until the next working day. Similarly items arriving during a Philippine's national holiday.
It is common practice to have original shipping documents on display and attached to the shipment, these are required by Customs to be surrendered during customs clearance formalities and unless these are readily available from freight forwarders to be claimed by ATMI's broker customs clearance cannot be completed.
On occasions the Bureau of Customs' automated clearance system breaks down and can delay items.
If a package becomes damaged then before Customs allows these packages to be withdrawn from their warehouses they require representatives from the importer, the customs broker, the freight forwarder, the concerned airline, the warehouse operator and the Commission on Audit to be present and they execute a Bad Order Cargo Release Document.


Our Mission / Vission

Our Vission

ANALOG TEST AND MEASUREMENT PHILIPPINES INC. (ATMPI) aims to be the leading Test Facility in the semiconductor and electronics industry and Speaker manufacture in automotive industry by providing our customer with products and services of highest world- class value and quality

“To be our customers’ first and BEST solution”.

Mission Statement

ATMPI is committed in exceeding customers’ expectations on Quality, On-Time Delivery and Services and Competitive Cycle times through:

» Establishing and maintaining a documented Management System that conforms with the global standards;

» Continued improvement of the Company-wide Total Quality Management (TQM) System with realization of employees awareness, contribution and importance to its implementation;

» Continuous training and development of our people on new technologies and innovations;

» Harnessing our competencies to keep abreast of the latest quality technology and to bring forth the unique methods and techniques at par to world best standards; and

» Promoting and maintaining industrial peace and harmony in the workplace through shared leadership and employee’s participation.


Data Privacy Act 2012 Certification

NPC Registration No. PIC-001-602-2019



  • Address: Fastech Manufacturing Complex West Road cor Ampere Street,
    Light Industry and Science Park I
    Cabuyao City, Philippines
  • Email: info@atmpinc.com
  • Telephone: (63 49) 530-9839 / 530-9841